The Facebook Marketing Formula

I hope you’ve read Real Life Case Study and The Truth. If you don’t, you can read them first – I’ll wait. It’s okay, this is NOT a salesletter. I don’t mind “distracting” you away. I don’t even have a headline on this page. In fact, it’s been build on the free default WordPress theme with no additional plugins, themes, etc. No stupid countdowns or anything like that.

I hope you understand that I’m NOT going to talk to you about how awesome Facebook for business is and trying to convince you that you NEED to learn Facebook marketing. If you still don’t “get it”, you need to read somewhere else for those stats and facts. 🙂

Please continue to read this webpage if you have intention to use Facebook for:

  1. Marketing your brand and product
  2. Turning it into an internet business
  3. Simply using it to make money online
  4. As a traffic generator for your particular niche

It’s important for you to know that you need to create a Fan Page to do this. So if you do not plan to do anything with Facebook, you’re reading a wrong webpage. 🙂

If you’re on the right track… then I have these questions for you:

1. Do you have a problem to build fans to your Fan Page?

The good news is, this is actually very easily done. You just need to know how to find your “market” and get them to Like your Fan Page.

2. Do you have problem getting engagement (getting fans to like your wall post)?

If you do,  it’s telling you that your Wall Posts carry no “value” or interest to them. And engagement is crucial – if you do not have engagement, it means that your wall post will not be widely reaching your fans. Yes, you can do “Boost Post” where you’ll need to pay for the “engagement” but do you know that the reach is not proportionate? For instance, if you have 5,000 fans and 3,000 of them are from Kazakhstan, then you’re just going to reach Kazakhstan fans!

Let me just put it this way…

Have fans but no engagement = no money.

3. Do you have a challenge to make money from your Fan Page?

This is where post people FAILED with Facebook marketing. They treat it as the “typical internet marketing” stuff. They go after the money, before “everything” else that need to be in place.

Let me just paint it this way – if you have a website with lots of traffic and the visitors love your website’s content, will you have a problem to make money? Simply said, even if you just stick an ad from Adsense on your website, you would be making money!

Going back to Facebook marketing…. if you have FANS and these fans engage with you, you won’t have problem making money.

I mean, let’s say your Fan Page is about fishing. You could easily find a product on sale related to fishing from Amazon and recommend to your fans to buy and earn commission!

So really, the LAST thing you want to learn is about monetization. 90% of the knowledge you’ll need is MARKETING KNOWLEDGE.


To get Facebook marketing right, there are just 3 key components you need to learn and master. The first one is…

Component #1: Getting Fans

This is a no-brainer. No fans, no Facebook marketing. Just like no traffic, no internet business. However, there are no reasons to get fans if you’re unable to accomplish the other 2 components below because you’ll end up losing money and time (which is fine, if you’re doing this as a hobby of yours).

But at the same time, it’s also important to know that you should not be in a “dead” niche. In my opinion, “dead” niches are:

1. Trend-oriented niche. For instance, a Fan Page about MH 370 gun’s rights.

2. Limited topic niche. For instance, a Fan Page about spinach. I mean, how many things you can talk about spinach for months regularly before your fans start leaving you? 🙂

Component #1: Posting Content

I could come up with some fancy marketing term on this concept, but I think I’ll stick to a simple-to-understand explanation – what kind of content that you’ll be posting on your Fan Page. And the content will play a very important role for your Fan Page engagement.

Component #3: Monetization

Finally, once you have your fans and engagement (because they enjoy your Fan Page’s content), you’ll start monetizing it. Generally, you’ll either promote your own product (if you have) or affiliate programs.

 The Facebook Marketing Formula Course

Today, you’ll have the opportunity to pre-order my latest course about Facebook marketing and uncover my never-revealed-before secrets and strategies.

First, let me share with you about the course so that you know what you’re  getting:

The Facebook Marketing Formula Course is a MARKETING COURSE that is based on my proven result.

It’s created as video trainings so that you can “see” it and understand it easily.

I’ll reveal to you my secret Fan Page and walk you through, step-by-step. The entire course will be based on the case study where I’ll share with you EXACTLY how:

1. I come up with the idea for my Fan Page. Not all Fan Page topic can be successful and some evergreen topics can be VERY SUCCESSFUL, if you understand my secret formula.

2.The strategy I use to build the fans. It’s now at 30K but it can be scale to 100K and so on. The reason why I’m doing it “slowly” is because I’m monitoring on the engagement to make sure when we scale up, the engagement still remained.

3. The strategy and tactics how I get on average of 500 LIKES and 200 SHARES per wall post, WITHOUT a single cent spent on FB ad to get engagement (to reach the existing fans). You’ll SEE EVERYTHING – I’ll reveal all of the tactics and tricks how I’m doing this. I think you’ll love it.

4. How I’ve monetized my Fan Page and you’ll discover my future strategies to turn the entire Fan Page into a business of its own for long term stability. Basically, we’re using the Fan Page as the platform to launch a new business. Just so know, I truly believe that this strategy is priceless. With this new-found knowledge, you could be launching new internet businesses “everyday” by leveraging on Facebook.

Within each of these 4 topics, there will be several video modules to walk you through. So in total, it can be quite a massive course.

The entire course will be separated into 2 parts:

The Case Study Part. This is where I’ll show you what I did so that you can learn from the proven strategies and steps. No theory BS like what you’ve seen in those Facebook Guru courses. I mean, they don’t show you the exact stuff (mainly because they don’t have) but give you pile of theories like how you need to build relationship with your fans, ask question in your wall post, bla, bla, bla…. and bla bla bla again.

The Training Component. In this second component, I’ll “breakdown” the steps I did for my Fan Page and structure it to you as a “course” so that it gives you the ideas on how you can implement for your own Fan Page.

Frankly, this one heck of an amazing course. It took me a while to decide whether I should share the discoveries I’ve found to make Facebook marketing works so extremely well. The last thing I want is new competitors but my Ego is saying, “Share your discoveries and teach the strategies. Crush all of those phony Facebook Gurus and BS social media consultants”.

As I’ve emphasized above, this is MARKETING COURSE, this is not a “push button system”. To follow successfully of what I’ll be teaching, you have to put up a Fan Page and use Facebook ads (of course I’ll share with you how I did it). I’ll also recommend you to wait until 2 to 4 weeks before monetizing it.

To avoid getting tire kickers, serial refunders, whiners and day-dreamers, I want them to read these before deciding to order:

1.  If you’re looking for some “magic pill” to make money with Facebook this is NOT FOR YOU. DO NOT BUY MY COURSE. Sorry if I may sound harsh, but I would really like to avoid these kinds of customers at all means (I’m sure you would too). They’re bad for everything – sucking time, drain emotion, bad reputation for you, negative experience and so on. Go to JVZoo or Clicksure, you’ll probably find a lot of those “magic pill” promises there. By the way, you’ll find less of those in Clickbank because Clickbank suspend Merchants who get a lot of refunds.

2. If you’re the type of person who is a “I-know-it-all” type aka Smart Alec, don’t buy my course. I mean, it won’t be a surprise if some of the steps and strategies I’m teaching inside may be of information you’ve knew before. I’m teaching based on what have been proven to work, not based on how I can impress you with new information. But of course, I’m very sure you’ll not have heard all of the steps and strategies I’ll be sharing.

3. Don’t order the Facebook Marketing Formula Course if you are not willing to use Facebook ads. The business model will just won’t work for you, simple as that. In fact, please allow me to say it bluntly – if you’re going to do Facebook marketing, it’ll never work for you if you’re not willing to invest in your own business to advertise (unless you have something else up your sleeve like you’re Oprah Winfrey where fans will find you on your own). Although I don’t spend any money for my wall post’s engagement today, I did buy FB ads to build the fans originally.

4. If you’re expecting the course to teach you EVERYTHING about Facebook marketing, I’m sorry, this course is not what you’re looking for. I think if you want that, you should look into hiring a Facebook expert as your coach and pay him or her about $5,000. But in the Facebook Marketing Formula Course, I’ll be teaching:

  • How to build your fans and scaling it
  • How to come up with the content
  • How to engage your fans
  • How to monetize your fanpage
  • How to use FB ads
  • A lot of information, tips and tricks that you need to know
  • And anything in between that you need to know to start a Facebook business like I did

5. And finally, this course is not suitable for those who are not action takers. I’ve created this course because I want to help you succeed with Facebook marketing but if you’re not going to apply what I’ll be teaching, it’ll be waste of time.

I know, these 5 points may offend many people and reduce my sales. What the heck. Do you want tire-kickers, whiners, serial refunders and day dreamers as your customers? It’s okay to earn less, you’ll be a happier person. 🙂

100% Money Back Guarantee!

By the way, you’re protected with my 100% money back guarantee.

I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to learn, follow the instructions and effectively use the strategies, you can be making money from Facebook very shortly. But if you are not 100% satisfied with it for whatever reason, let me know within the next 60 days and I’ll issue you an immediate, hassle-free 100% refund.

I’m taking all of the risks to make sure that you can be wildly successful with your Fan Page. It’s really as simple as that.

 “Order The Facebook Marketing Formula Course Today”

This is a course that can be sold for $197 or more because it’s a comprehensive course. If you know these Facebook marketing secrets, you could be saving thousands of dollars from FB ads and start an online business (which could be making thousands of dollars for you EVERY MONTH).

But the investment to secure the secrets to my Facebook business is only a measly one-time investment of just $74. There’s no One Time Offers. For $74, you’re buying yourself a first class ticket to go behind the scene of how I start, operate and grow my Facebook business. And honestly, that’s one heck of a good deal (unless you still do not see the benefits of learning from real proven result versus theories BS).

If you don’t believe me, you can ask around.

For instance, my secret Fan Page reach up to 60%. In just 9 hours after a post, our reach is 18,616 out of 30K fans. And not to mention, our predictable 524 LIKES and 281 SHARES without a single cent spent on ads.

The usual Fan post reach is about 10% to 20% of the total fan size and that’s the result of very experienced marketers.


You can verify all of these stats to be real when you get to access my course. If any of these claims are not real, not only I’ll refund you back your money 100%, I’ll pay another 100%.

Can you imagine how much money you could be making if your Wall Post can command so much attention?

Some Q&A’s…

Q1. Do I need to buy any software?

A1. No. I’ve built my 30K fans and get 500 LIKES per wall post naturally without using any software. But if you found any software that can accelerate your result based on the strategies that I’ll be sharing, I’ll recommend you to consider it.

Q2. I do not have any Fan Page or an online business yet. Is this course suitable for me?

A2. HIGHLY. I’ve started mine from scratch. Just follow the system step-by-step to get started.

Q3. I’m not known in the niche market.  Can this still work for me?

A3. Yes, you do not need to be branded.

Q4. I do not have a product of my own to sell yet. Is this course still suitable for me?

A4. Yes.

Q5. I have my own Fan Page. Can I apply the strategies taught in Facebook Marketing Formula Course on it?

A5. Yes… and no. For the “yes” part, you can always pick the strategies that have been proven to work to be used for your own Fan Page. I’ve also said “no” is because I do not know your Fan Page – some Fan pages are just “dead” Fan Pages or it simply can’t use the strategies I’m teaching. Hint – This is WHY you need Facebook Marketing Formula Course, otherwise, you may continue to dwell in a Fan Page that has very little financial future! 🙂

Q6. Is there a money back guarantee?

A6. Yes. 30 days. But if you fall into the unpractical expectation categories I’ve mentioned above, please do not order and refund later. However, if you’re a serial refunder, I really can’t help to stop you because I’ll still honor my 60 days refund policy.

Q7. Will you review my Fan Page to give critique?

A7. That’s going to take my personal time, experience and attention. You can get me to do that if you would like to hire me as your coach or consultant. We can discuss about that later on, if such requirement is needed.

Q8. Is this an A to Z training?

A8. Yes, step-by-step.

Q9. Is this suitable for newbies or experienced marketer?

A9. Both. It’s suitable for those who wants to get the Facebook marketing result like mine. Even for advance marketer. But if you’re asking it as a technical question, yes, it’s suitable for newbies because the steps and strategies taught are simple-to-understand.

If you want to figure out how to make money with Facebook or start an internet business with it, click the order button below pre-order and locked-in at the best deal:


Once you’ve purchased, you’ll be able to get instant online access to the Facebook Marketing Formula Course

To your Facebook marketing success,

Patric Chan



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