The Truth

Hey, if you’ve read the earlier post, Real Life Case Study, you’ll know that getting massive HUNDREDS of Likes and Shares with $0 advertising is very possible – even if you have a small size fans.

Anyway, to validate my point, I’ve published another wall post right after I’ve announced about “Real Life Case Study”…


That’s a 670 LIKES and 370 SHARES from a single wall post at a small fan page of about 30K fans. And there’s absolutely NO Boost Post (no FB advertising).

Just so you know, this work like clockwork! To the extend, I have the “control” of predicting my result. I’ll usually get an average of 500 ++ LIKES and 200 ++ SHARES from a wall post.

To hit home run, I’ve published another one to assure you it works…


In 14 hours, it pulls 627 LIKES and 316 SHARES – organically. Again, no ads.

By the way, when you get the Facebook Marketing Formula Course, I’ll share this fanpage with you as a case study to learn from. You can then validate that all of these screenshots are 100% real.

The purpose why I’m putting up this page today to exposed some truth… so that you’ll never be mislead by the so-called Facebook Gurus or social media Gurus (they’re quite a joke, honestly) again.

How You’ve Been Mislead by the Gurus Who Pitch Their Courses or “Systems”…

1. Misleading Proof. A “Facebook Guru” tells you about how he or she helps his/her clients to build massive fans and engagement. But apparently, the client is Oprah, Tom Cruise, Starbucks, Nike, American Idol or something like that. Dude – these are BRANDS. Do you really think it’s the Guru’s strategy? Think again. Let me just put it this way; Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber,  Oprah, Tom Cruise, Starbucks, Nike, Tony Robbins, American Idol already have their existing FANS. In fact, if you’re a brand like this, you’ll automatically get fans when you put up a fanpage. It’s a no-brainer.

For our fanpage, we BUILD the “brand” on Facebook from nothing.

2. You Need To Build Relationship (Not). If you go through all of the Facebook marketing courses out there by these so-called Gurus, they’ll tell you to build relationship with your fans. If you have the time, yeah, why not. But I get over 500 LIKES for each wall post, and they don’t even know who’s behind the fanpage – Patric Chan doesn’t even “exist”. Truthfully, I doubt there’s any “relationship” there at all!

3. There’s A Magic Facebook Software You Got To Have. Gosh, I don’t even know where to start on this. Each week, there will be a new Facebook software that suppose to get Likes, Shares, build fans, etc. Frankly, I don’t even use any software at all to do Facebook marketing for my case study fanpage. Keep in mind that a software is only useful and valuable if the purpose of the software is to serve a PROVEN STRATEGY.

 4. They’re Based On Trends. A Facebook Guru can show you he has 50K or 100K fans. But if you look closer, it’s based on “hot trends”. Like for instance, if you put up a fanpage about “Support MH 370” and run ads to build Facebook Likes today, I can GUARANTEE you that you’ll get a lot of Likes instantly. But that’s not building something sustainable, right?

With that in mind, let me make a controversial statement: If you have a brand, a software and relationship with your fans, that would be BETTER. But I don’t have any of those, yet, I can get better result than the “Gurus”.

“So Does Facebook Marketing Works?”

Yes, with the right strategy.

With the right strategy and approach, you don’t even need a brand, don’t need to build a relationship, don’t need Facebook software and you can build on an evergreen market for stability.

I’ll be releasing The Facebook Marketing Formula Course this Saturday (29th March) where I’ll reveal to you how I’m doing Facebook marketing.

It’s basically broken down into 2 sessions – I’ll walk you through how I did as a case study so that you can relate to it and see this WORKS. Then I’ll have another session to give you ideas on how you can copy my system.

This will be created by me personally.

This course is based on a case study, based on my secret fanpage that has been proven to work.

 How Much It’ll Cost?

Truth is, originally, I do not plan to release my system. You see, I’m busy DOING IT instead of teaching it. But as the market continues to be flooded with BS courses related to Facebook marketing, I can’t tolerate anymore. Maybe it’s my ego. Whatever it is, don’t you think it’s time to raise the bar with some PROVEN STRATEGY and crush those BS courses?

But I can’t be doing this for free. I’m a marketer. Besides, I don’t think my secrets have no value at all. It’s a fact that it can help many marketers and businesses to make (and save) thousands of dollars.